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The Choice


Ryszard Krzeszewski lives his greatest dream. We follow his story as he leads one of his many primodial style horesback trips into the heart of the Bieszczady Mountains, Poland.


The film in a way has been made as a continuation of The Silence and is intended more as a meditative piece about the beauty and simplicity of life according to nature.



Festivals, Screenings and Awards



















The Choice has won the best cinematography at

Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2015















The Choice has been selected for

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards


The nearest screening will take place at


Raleigh Studios Hollywood 
5300 Melrose Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 


on 23rd January 2016

12:15pm to 2: 15 pm





The Choice has been selected for

Indie Film Festival 2015 in Switzerland














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