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Documentary - 1h 25min

Polish Premiere: 16 may 2019

16th Millenium Docs Against Gravity

World Premiere - TBC

„Złota” is an austere, intimate story about looking for your own place while your long-lost and regained home can be again taken away from you any minute. It’s painful study of relationship with dark clouds of painful European and personal history behind, and uncertain future ahead. It’s about how does our modern world reflect in one building.


The tenanent house on Złota Street in central Warsaw was recently repossessed during the reprivatisation. It has been inherited from Jewish ancestors. How does the house connect Krzysztof, grandson of holocaust survivor, his wife Ida, who together run the place, with Syrian war immigrant, Afghan and Ukrainian immigrants and a 94 years old Polish man who’s in love with accounting, his wife and volleyball?


Will Krzysztof stay in Poland and continue with Ida to run the house despite modern political threats over their heads? Or will he leave forever to his beloved Copenhagen?

directed by Tomasz Knittel

cinematographer Maciej Puczyński

editor Arek Iwaniuk 

original score José Manuel Albán Juárez

sound editor Filip Kuncewicza 

produced by © Striktfilm OMProductions 2019

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